17 September, 2018

Medical laboratory scientist vacancy at tosema diagnostic laboratory

Tosema Diagnostic laboratory is looking for qualified aaplicants to fill the role below

Job title: Medical Laboratory Scientist

Deadline: Not specified


The medical Laboratory scientist ensures all tests and procedures are performed in accordance to MLSCN and international standards.

Clerks patients for Laboratory investigations, interprets results, and carries out weekly control for reagents.

He/she Carries out research and leads us in more advanced and easy procedure in running some tests and provides standard operating procedures for such tests and performs other more technical tests

Responsibilities and Duties

Ensuring all work is done precisely,  accurately and on time  in accordance to set standards

Carrying out routine chemistry investigations

Performance of weekly control on test kits such as antisera, widal kit etc.

Daily reading of culture and sensitivity plates confirming organisms with queried identity including mycology

Clerking of patients for lab investigations, result interpretations and any other challenges that may arise as well as advice on possible chemotherapy

Preparation of susceptibility disc on battries of antibiotics

Guide Laboratory Technicians on their job and provide on the job training for them

Routine Training and assessment of Industrial training students and other trainees

Endorsing of results before they go out

Leading the lab in the latest advancement in the field

Creating of Standard operating Procedure or bench reference or work station task assignment and performing of the tests; culture and sensitivity, direct and indirect coombs test, csf analysis, CR protein, urine protein/creatinine ratio, urine protein dilution, semen analysis, bleeding and clothing time, Glucose tolerance tests, skin scapping for KOH and culture, mantoux tests, antistreptomycin O, etc

Any other Job that may be assigned as the need arises

Qualifications, skills and competencies

Licensed Medical Laboratory Scientist with at least one year working experience

Good supervisory skill and attention to detail

Good inter personal relations

Self-motivated  with a willingness to work and learn

Resourceful able to improvise and create solutions to problems

Basic Computer skills and knowledge

Basic communication skills (especially Listening)
Method of Application
Applicants should send CVS to tosemadiagnosticlab@gmail.com

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