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Are you an employer, you can post your openings in our website to get your desired candidates within hours.

To do so, send your job openings to

How your mail should look

A. The subject of your mail should be your your job title.


  1. Medical Officer Vacancy at XYZ Hospital
  2. Superintendent Pharmacist Vacancy at XYZ
  3. Registered Nurse Vacancy at XYZ Company

B. The body of your mail should be your job description including a brief description of your company, job location, method of application, and application deadline.

Note: If your post appears suspicious due to lack of essential elements like your company name and address, it will be deleted. If for any reason you choose to hide your company name to use a phrase like “a Reputable Company”, do well to inform the admin before doing so. For fast response, chat the admin using whatsapp. Phone number is obtainable at About Us page.

Thank you